“[Winslow is] brilliant at portraying the ragged fragments of these lives. What emerges isn't a single killer with motive and means, but a tangle of stories crossing and colliding, stray intersections of incidents and accidents, misunderstandings and misreadings, all thanks to the myopia of individual perspectives and the self-centeredness of individual desires.” -The Washington Post

US: Delacorte Press/Random House, January 8th 2013
UK: Allison & Busby, June 24th 2013

“Masterful.” Lisa Gardner

“Emily Winslow is a precise and expert analyst of the darkest parts of the human psyche.” Sophie Hannah

“A can’t-look-away conclusion.” Sophie Littlefield

“Literary suspense at its finest.” Carla Buckley

Critical raves for Winslow's debut novel, THE WHOLE WORLD:

“A potent look at the self-absorption and angst of youth and the regrets and doubts of middle age.” -Richmond Times-Dispatch

“The pieces come together to reveal a vivid and shocking picture at the end.” -Parade Magazine

“A first novel about growing up, having sex and going seriously off the rails at Cambridge University.” -Palm Beach Post

“What a ride! Read this book.” -Decatur Daily

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